Corporate Events: Here’s How to Dress for the Occasion

Corporate Events: Here’s How to Dress for the Occasion

Corporate events are a great way to network and make connections with others in your industry. They can also help you to display your professionalism. But it’s vital to dress professionally for the event. Dressing suitably shows respect for the occasion and that you’re paying attention to detail and taking your profession seriously.   

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In this blog, we will be talking about the various dress codes that may be needed at corporate events and provide tips on how to dress for the occasion. We'll discuss what you should wear to your commercial event, from what clothes and shoes you should wear to how to use accessories with your outfit. ultimately, we will speak about the significance of grooming and putting this together for a polished and proper look. 


Regardless if you’re new to the corporate world or an expert this guide will aid you in dressing professionally and leaving a great impression at your next event. 


Understanding the dress code 


There can be various dress codes that you’ll need to adhere to and dress professionally as a man. Typically, organizers will make things simple by specifying the dress code in the invitation. The common dress codes you may find are:


  • Black tie: This is a formal dress code, typically meaning a tuxedo. This dress code is used at formal events like charity events, gala dinners and ballroom parties. 
  • Business: This usually means a suit and tie, it is a formal look that requires you to dress professionally, typically for meetings and presentations. 
  • Business casual: This dress code is rather laidback than the business dress code. Pieces like khakis, pants and dress shirts should be worn to business casual events. 
  • Casual: Wear your best jeans and shirt to casual events. Casual events could be used in a variety of situations like daytime events. 


Pay attention to the dress code stated on your invitation or announced by the host. However, if there is no dress code stated you can ask co-workers and superiors, or rather even the host of the event, for some guidance. 


If in doubt, it’s best to be dressed more formally as it is better to be a little over-dressed than underdressed. Keep in mind the location of the event and the culture of the company because in some places it could be better to dress a little conservatively.


Finally, it is vital to ensure your clothes have been washed and are crisp, clean and in good condition. Wear appropriate shoes and accessories that have also been cleaned and ensure they all work together to complete your professional look. 

What to wear

When attending corporate events the attire mostly used includes a suit, accessories and dress shoes. Here is a more in-depth guide to what to wear for the different types of corporate events. 


  • Business meeting: When attending a business meeting we recommend you wear a suit and tie. If you’re not used to wearing this type of clothing we suggest you stick to the basics and go with a navy or charcoal suit. Otherwise, you can experiment with different colours as long as they mix well and are appropriate for the occasion. Ensure you pair your suit with a tie and dress shirt that compliments each other. 
  • Business casual event: Wear khakis, chinos and dress shirts for a business casual event. If it’s colder outside you can also opt for a sports coat or jacket. In this type of event, we recommend you experiment with different patterns and colours, but try not to wear something too flashy. Pair your outfit with a nice watch and shoes.
  • Formal gala: If attending a formal gala, it is best to wear a tuxedo. The traditional choice is a black tuxedo. However, dark-coloured tuxedo’s like navy and charcoal work well too. Ensure you wear a nice dress shirt, dress shoes and bowtie that match the tuxedo’s colours. 
  • Casual: Wear any type of shirt and denim jeans as well as sneakers to these types of events. 


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When trying to mix and match colours, patterns and accessories keeping things simple can be greater than it getting complicated. Stick to neutral colours that suit your skin tone and avoid loud patterns or bright colours. Accessories like belts, ties and watches need to compliment your outfit not overpower it. Remember when you dress professionally pay attention to the details, for example, ensure your shoes are cleaned or polished, your belt matches an attribute in your outfit and your accessories are appropriate for the event you are attending. 


When following these tips, you will dress professionally and put together a polished look. That is appropriate for your corporate event. 


Grooming and accessories 

Wearing the right clothes is the first step to dress professionally, grooming and accessories are also important to dress professionally and create a polished look. Here are a few ideas and tips to prepare you for your next corporate event: 

  • Grooming: It is important to keep yourself groomed, especially before you attend your corporate event. Keep your facial clean or trimmed, brush your teeth and ensure your hair is clean and styled well. A well-groomed appearance makes the greatest impression. 
  • Hairstyle: Choose a hairstyle that is appropriate for the event you are attending. If the event is rather formal, opt for a classic hairstyle that is neat. For a more casual event, you can try experimenting with your hairstyle as long as it is well-groomed. 
  • Accessories: Watches, belts and ties will all help to complete your outfit and dress professionally. A watch is a timeless accessory man have been using for decades and it’s not going away anytime soon. Ensure all your accessories work well with the rest of your outfit. 
  • Examples: When attending a business meeting you can wear a leather belt with a silver buckle with a matching leather watch. And during a formal gala, you can wear a black tie, a watch with a black leather strap and black leather dress shoes. 


By following these tips, you'll be able to create a polished and professional look that's appropriate for any corporate event. Remember to pay attention to the details and make sure that everything is clean and well-groomed.


In conclusion, dressing appropriately for corporate events is important in order to make a good impression and show respect for the occasion. In this article, we've covered the different types of dress codes that may be required for corporate events and provided tips for interpreting and adhering to those dress codes. We also discussed the appropriate attire for men at corporate events, including suits, dress shoes, and accessories, as well as grooming and accessories that can help put together a polished and professional look.


We hope that the information provided in this article will help you dress appropriately and make a great impression at your next corporate event. Remember that paying attention to detail, such as the fit, cleanliness and appropriateness of your attire, grooming and accessories, can make a big difference in the way you are perceived by others. In addition, it's also important to understand the dress code and the company culture and to be mindful of the event's location.


So, if you're looking to elevate your corporate wardrobe and make sure you're always dressed to impress, be sure to check out Berkshire. With their wide selection of high-quality dress shirts and trousers, you'll be sure to find something that's perfect for your next corporate event.


Q: How do you dress professionally? 

A: When in doubt, business professional is the default. Shirts are collared and buttoned, and blouses should be conservative and professional. Slacks should be free from wrinkles and be in office-appropriate colours.


Q: What is important to dress professionally?

A: While being sloppily dressed or less presentable could lead others to perceive you as lazy, unreliable or unprofessional, dressing like a professional can help you make major strides toward landing partnerships that matter, getting new jobs or unlocking new opportunities.


Q: What do you call professional clothes?

A: In a modern workplace, the term “business attire” can mean anything from a full suit and tie to jeans and a collared shirt.

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