Men’s fashion trends 2023, These 5 things are making a comeback

Men’s fashion trends 2023, These 5 things are making a comeback

Whether we like it or not it’s that time again, Happy New Year to everyone! New Year calls for celebrations, fireworks and maybe a kiss at midnight. Well, to secure your style during this period, let's look into the future together. What’s the new and latest fashion in 2023? Is it cardigans, knitwear or ankle length jeans for men? Well, you’ve got the questions and we’ve got the answers. 


We aren’t the only ones looking at the future as all your favourite brands and designers are already plotting their plans for next spring & summer. Through fashion shows, runways or sneak peeks at the spring collections bundled with easter eggs for the future of men’s fashion. To sum it up there isn’t an easy way to define fashion in 2023. Nonetheless, there are numerous, diverse ways to boost your wardrobe. Additionally, there’s something new for everyone as all styles of fashion such as formals, athleticwear and casuals are going to be in style. Brands are making going-out clothing such as ankle length jeans for men as comfortable and relaxed just like your joggers. We’ve also seen a wave of 80s and 90s clothes make their way back into our wardrobes and Instagram feeds. And we’re happy to see that designers are bringing them back in their spring collections a second time around. 


With all the end-of-the-year and winter sales, you’ll want to stock up on the 2023 men’s shopping trends and plan ahead on next year's outfits. And so no-nonsense, here are the 2023 men’s fashion trends we already love.

Gear Up In Western Wear

Let’s go forward with our style by taking a few steps back. And no we don’t need a time machine for this type of time travel. Rugged clothing is making a comeback and we’re all here for it. Styles that combine comfort with utility and toughness are clawing their way back into our trend in a big way. Not to mention, western wear is taking the lead with this charge.


If you watch Hollywood movies you’ve seen western wear on some of your favourite actors. Perhaps a great quality of western wear is it’s a style that can work on just about anyone. Regardless, if you prefer a button-up stitched shirt or casual cargo. It is a sort of retro style that is pleasant and slightly altered for a rather modern smart casual sense of dressing. 

To put it simply when you’re seeking a change of pace. Try switching up your oxford shirts and cotton trousers for eye-catching western stitched shirts and ankle length jeans for men. Western stitching and ankle length jeans for men are on trend so try them before they pass.

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Loose Tailoring

Get ready to relax in the upcoming year. In the last 10 years, there have been a big amount of changes in terms of men’s suiting. Nonetheless, you would’ve also seen razor-thin slim fitting suits from various different brands recently.

However, next year clothing seems to be getting a little bit looser than the previous years. We say this because fits look like they’re getting more relaxed with more room to move in them. Furthermore, if you’re someone who likes slim-fit clothing you can always get your clothes tailored.

If we look back at clothing during the 40s and 50s we can draw similarities and understand what is coming up next year. Features such as looser and relaxed fits but not baggy. Suits and ankle length jeans for men also shared the same features back then and now in 2023. 

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Retro Reins Surpeme:

As we can see next year's trends one phrase comes to mind… Old is gold. Fashion is recurring almost in a comical way. And it is almost a little mind-boggling when you realise that styles from the 90s are being recycled and inspiration is being drawn from them. Historic and large organisations companies are making this trend more popular than ever before! Last year was the beginning of our throwback fashion and it looks like this trend is just getting started. 

So we understand that the 90s are back in town but what garments can we expect? You can expect wild, vivid colours and block-coloured designs. Maybe even unsymmetrical patterns. Kinda like what your parents were wearing when they first met each other. That goes from all genres of clothing like sportswear to outerwear. From stylish branded polo shirts to ankle length jeans for men. Lastly, logos are back on trend. The more visible the logo the better!

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Style yet Performance

You’ve heard and seen this before (or something similar.) That’s because during the pandemic there was a massive shift in the workforce as a large number of individuals began to work from home. Casual performance menswear stole the show and took over 2020, 2021 and 2022. And it looks like this trend will grow in 2023 as more people choose flexible work styles.

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Maybe you decide to wear a flexible crewneck sweatshirt and ankle length jeans for men. Release your inner steve jobs on a daily. Maybe at home on zoom or at the office from time to time. And nowadays people are ditching the tight tailored made dress trousers for stretch chino pants, perhaps, with hidden drawstrings. 

In terms of comfort and performance, many brands have now shifted some of their focus beyond athleticwear in a large way in that regard. And for a good reason. Wearing something like ankle length jeans for men should be comfortable yet stylish. Which is exactly the change that is occurring.

Old is New?!

Slim-fit pants have reigned supreme for the last decade and are always almost flattering for many young men, nonetheless, rather relaxed styles of pants are taking the stage in 2023.

Again, we want to preface the fact that this doesn’t mean sloppy or baggy. But rather your proper pant size with some bulk like ankle length jeans for men with combat boots. That’s the type of style we’re talking about. 

Prepare now and cop yourself ankle length jeans for men as well as nice big boots to compliment your relaxed look and let the compliments pour in.    

This was our take on 2023 Men’s fashion trends we hope we’ve primed you up with enough insight to stay ready next year. If you want us to add anything to this list give us a shout on social media. 

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Q: What is called ankle length jeans? 

A: In short, cropped. Essentially these jeans end around your calves. 


Q: Are ankle length jeans in fashion?

A: During summertime, the answer is yes as they can be flattering and keep you cool when out in the heat. However, during wintertime, it can take a toll.


Q: How should men’s jeans fit at the ankle? 

A: The legs of your jeans should fit comfortably from your calves to your ankles. Feel the jeans out once and ask yourself if it’s too tight or loose before buying them.


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