The Best Shirt Brands in the World 2023

The Best Shirt Brands in the World 2023

It’s difficult to imagine clothing pieces more essential than a shirt. A menswear essential in every sense of the word. This classic and modest base layer has long reined over as one of the staples in all men’s wardrobes. Despite its popularity and countless options, it can be difficult to find a good piece. And so in the blog, we will be showcasing some of the best shirt brands for men.

The search for the best shirt brands can be a struggle and perhaps at one point or another, the thought may have crossed your mind. This can be because while the concept of getting a shirt is simple many things can go wrong with a shirt. These issues can be poor fitting, poor quality, subpar stitching and shrinkage being some of the common problems one can face with their shirts. 

Do not settle for less and let your style fall through, because the best shirt brands are out there. In this blog article, allow us to break down everything you need to know about choosing a great shirt as well as a selection of the best shirt brands that in our experience are making fine and stylish shirts all around.

What makes a perfect shirt?

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Firstly when choosing a shirt it is crucial to check the fitting of it. Regardless of the fabric it is woven from, even from an angel itself, if the fitting isn’t correct, it will not sit right or feel comfortable when wearing the shirt.

An important matter to consider when buying a new shirt is the length and shoulder width. The seams of the shirt that connect the sleeves to the shirt should sit on the corner of your shoulders. Any less and it’ll be too tight. Any more and you’re at the risk of the shirt looking like a hand-me-down. The exception to this is if you are deliberately going for an oversized look. Nonetheless, be aware and don’t take the oversized look too far. After all, it's a shirt, not a graphic tee. 

The length of your shirt also plays a role in the comfortability and thus, the hem of the shirt should sit above your hips. At all costs do not let it be any lower unless you are trying to look like a manchild. 

The quality and materials used are another area in which a shirt can fall short. The material should be soft to the touch but also durable when being tensed and stretched. How thick or thin your shirt is dependent on your personal preference. Nonetheless, typically thicker shirts and materials tend to last longer and be more durable.

The best brands for shirts


Bridging the gap between sports and leisure, Blackbuck shirts have moisture-wicking properties to reduce a load of sweat and quick dry technology to feel cool and collected after runs or walks on a sunny day. It is stylish and comfortable. Constructed from cotton and spandex to increase its stretchability. The brand's fit is athletic yet forgiving.

Blackbuck is a reference to one of the fastest land animals, Blackbucks, that can travel at over 80kmph when running! This is because the brands' shirts are quality and made to be run fast in. To put it simply these are athleisure shirts at their best.


In a world dominated by fast fashion and overconsumption, Berkshire is here to change the way men buy clothes. This brand's pieces comprise of the building blocks used to build a formal capsule wardrobe. Providing you with versatile, high-quality formal shirts that can be mixed and matched for many different occasions.

This Indian-based brand takes inspiration from the Berkshire, UK fashion scene and provides modern, royal and exceptionally crafted shirts. Its tailored shirts are made from cotton or linen and some feature eye-catching patterns and designs that make for great statement pieces. Lastly, they also have great basic essential shirts as well making them an all-around best shirt brand.


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In this fashion world of menswear, you typically get what you pay for. Nonetheless, there are those special occasions when you get more. Introducing Monterrey clothing, they offer streetwear wardrobe basics that offer some serious value for money yet keep your outfits fashionable and their shirts are no exception to this. Their unique designs and premium quality fabrics have become the calling card for this streetwear brand. Also making them one of the best shirt brands.



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USMC believe in the vigour, honour and grit of men, this brand tailors their pieces around these strengths of a man. This Indian-based brand creates premium quality, modern shirts that provide great building blocks to your everyday outfits. USMC shirts also feature camouflage prints and flannel shirts if you’re looking for something extra. Inspired by the United States Marine Corps these casual shirts will have you looking like a mean, tough marine. Made from premium fabrics their shirts will look feel and fit perfectly, also making them one of the best shirt brands.


Q: Which brand is best for men’s shirts?

A: 1) Berkshire

2) Monterrey


4) Blackbuck


Q: What is the highest quality shirt material?

A: In short, cotton. High-quality cotton is resistant to tearing, fading and wrinkling. As well as featuring properties that make the fabric soft, durable and smooth. 


Q: Which formal brand is best?

A: 1) Berkshire

2) Raymond

3) Louis Phillipe

4) Allen Solly

5) Burberry

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