About Us

Branded10 is a cutting-edge e-commerce application that adheres to the direct-to-consumer omnichannel model, doing away with the need for a middleman. We will better understand the consumer thanks to this model, enabling us to meet all of their fashion needs. The application known as Branded 10 will include independent brands, each of which will have a distinctive selling proposition. The collective "Branded10" offers its customers both an online store and an offline store by combining 10 edgy niche brands.

With options like order online-store pickup, brand counters at large-format stores, Online purchase, store exchange, etc. Branded10's last-mile access is truly omnichannel. Each of our niche brands communicates its unique identifying elements in a way that establishes its own brand personality and distinguishes it from competitors. They are all incredibly unique and possess their own spirit and essence. To learn more, go to Branded10's website or check out our apps on the Google Play store.