11 Essentials all men should own

11 Essentials all men should own

Nowadays we see new trends come & go all the time and it is easy to get caught up with all the latest trends to express your style. Is your wardrobe overflowing with clothes, accessories and whatever else that you don’t even wear? Well, we’ve created this short but meaningful list of essentials all men should own. With a variable wardrobe with essentials all men should own you won’t face this issue again. Furthermore, you’ll have exactly what you need for everyday wear. After all certain garments will always be in style. 


Nonetheless, everyone’s opinion on what is in style is differentiated due to their method of expressing their style nonetheless, below are 11 options of what we believe to be all-purpose clothing to use as the foundation of your outfits. 

Are you ready to re-do your wardrobe with the essentials all men should own and upgrade your style while doing so?  Then look no further because that is what we’re covering here.

The essentials all men should own:

  1. Basic T-shirts

Starting nice and simple this is of course one of the classics and an essential all men should own.

Men’s T-shirts are extremely versatile and be worn with almost anything. Mix and match different T-shirts to find your perfect look. Furthermore, T-shirts are affordable and you can rely on them every day. What’s not to like when your purchase is value for money? 

A solid white T-shirt is a must-have but, also consider getting grey, navy blue and black T-shirts.

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2. White button dress shirt

White is perhaps one of the most versatile colours as it matches almost everything. And that is why a white buttoned dress shirt is also an essential all men should own. Regardless of a casual outing or formal event this shirt can be styled for both and is easy to match with other clothing to create the best outfit. Dress up with a suit and tie or dress down with shorts and flip-flops this shirt won’t go out of style. When adding these essentials consider buying two more button dress shirts in black and blue.

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3. Denim Jeans

Denim jeans are certainly essential that almost everyone owns. You can dress them up or down but, you can’t go wrong with great denim. Furthermore, it’s simple to style regardless of your body style due to the range of options from slim fit, to straight or wide-legged fit. 

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4. Navy suit

Going for an interview? Have a meeting with your co-workers? Or travel to meet your clients? Dress to impress with this essential all men should own. If it is a special occasion, a full navy suit will never disappoint. Why navy when there are so many colours to choose from? Well, this is because navy blue is the most popular for a reason that is because of its versatility. Before you head out ensure your suit fits you well and go to a local tailor if needed. This will complete the look and ensure you look stylish.

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5. Necktie 

If you’re going to a wedding, party or just going to work a necktie will complete your formal outfit. They provide a small burst of colour to your outfit as well as showcase a slimming effect.


6. Suit accessories

We’ve covered the suit and the tie now it’s time to complete the outfit with a few essentials all men should own. These accessories will not be able alternatives but rather complement your suit and tie. Accessories such as cufflinks and tie clips can level up your style and complete your confident attire. 

A tip clip will add another layer thus, boosting your style, also it’s functionality is great as well. This is because it keeps your tie in place and stops that swinging effect when bending down to eat or from strong winds. Making it an essential all men should own

7. Casual sneakers 

Heading out or catching up with friends? Well then reach no further and grab these sneakers for your casual outing. These are another great, versatile essential all men should own. They go well with denim, chinos or even shorts. There are numerous choices in this category but we suggest going with plain white or black leather shoes as you can wear them every day and look great. For example Nike air force 1’s or Adidas stan smith.

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8. Dress shoes

When you wear a white button-up shirt maybe even a suit on top for a special occasion you’ll also need some special shoes to go with the occasion. And that’s why we’re suggesting dress shoes to complete the outfit. If you prefer darker clothes we suggest going for classic black leather shoes. However, if you’re suit is not black, brown dress shoes also complement your formal look too. 

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9. Good quality underwear

Perhaps the most important on this list and certainly the most important in terms of quality. Have you ever bought underwear and found them to be uncomfortable and pitched in all the wrong places? We hate that feeling too, thus, making good quality underwear an essential all men should own. Even though this may not be the first thing on your mind having uncomfortable underwear is just plain bad. But, good quality underwear is breathable and durable. Forget those 3 pack underwear as good quality underwear will provide you with support and comfort you won’t find with others.

10. Bamboo socks 

While buying your comfortable underwear also pick up some comfortable socks. You can never go wrong with new socks as worn-out socks are just plain stinky (no pun intended.) Try picking up bamboo socks as the material is extremely soft and it absorbs moisture and sweat with ease while being anti-bacterial, what is not to like about these?

11. A watch 

Every man needs a good timepiece in their wardrobe. We know what you’re thinking we all look at our phones to tell the time but, a good-looking watch adds another stylish layer to your outfit. Not to mention you’re phone can easily die on a day out unlike the watch. They’re simple yet functional & stylish accessories to add to the collection.

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These were 11 essentials all men should own if you think we have missed any and think we should add something new to the list let us know on social media. 

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Q: What are basic wardrobe essentials for men?

A: 1) 3-4 Basic T-shirts

     2) 2-3 Button dress shirts

     3) 3 Denim jeans

     4) 2 Full suits

     5) A necktie 

     6) Suit accessories 

     7) 2 sneakers (1 casual 1 dress shoes)

     8) 5 pairs of underwear

     9) 5 pairs of bamboo socks

     10) A watch 


Q: What every man should carry?

A: 1) Pen

    2) Wallet

    3) Phone

    4) Keys

    5) Knife

    6) Cash

    7) Charger


Q: What luxury items should a man own?

A: 1) Branded leather jacket

    2) Leather briefcase

   3) Branded watch

   4) Metal card holder

   5) Headphones

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