Comfortable Yet Stylish clothes every modern man should own

Comfortable Yet Stylish clothes every modern man should own

Do you stress when looking for comfortable yet stylish clothes? Have you ever bought clothes that looked amazing on you but when you wore them outside realised it was just uncomfortable? The worst part about this effect is it can be hard to concentrate when your clothes are uncomfortable and it shows through your mood and face. Even if you spent time thinking about what clothes to buy and put them out carefully it can be very difficult to be happy in clothes that are too tight on your waistband or it’s pinching you in all the wrong places. 


Furthermore, seams can all cause rashes and itchiness if the quality of raw materials is not up to the mark. 


If you’ve ever felt like this and struggled to find comfortable yet stylish clothes for yourself then this blog has got you covered with numerous options for comfortable yet stylish clothes

Below are a number of clothes that prioritise comfort and style and may just be the best clothes for all men.

Clothes that look as good as they feel:

1. Drawstring trousers

    Drawstring trousers are a great example of something comfortable yet stylish. Over the last few years, these trousers have become extremely popular amongst the youth. And genuinely made be the only trousers you need. These trousers are unrivalled when it comes to comfort as their elastic waistband expands and contracts with you while you moving, standing or sitting down. These trousers provide a feeling that fixed waistband trousers could never and once you get used to the assisted stretch it’s hard to go back to the regular trousers. Similar to the way joggers do, however, these trousers also cater to all your style needs. This means drawstring trousers unlike joggers also look like regular trousers. 

    Essentially you’ll get all the benefits of wearing chinos but be the only one to know they’re elastic. Thus, Drawstring trousers are a bargain for the value as you’re getting something comfortable yet stylish.

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    2. Cashmere sweater

      When you think of knitwear maybe wool or cotton comes to mind and for good reason, those are nice options when thinking about comfort. But, the best option for comfort yet stylish is cashmere sweaters. This material is popularised for its comfort and looks trimmed off the back of select goats who habitat the area of Central Asia and the Gobi desert. The cashmere sweater comes with a reputation as the ultimate luxury money can buy as well as providing the utmost comfort while looking great. Some people invest in these sweaters and it's easy to understand why. Once you try one of these on thanks to its premium quality you can feel its beautifully soft material also making it harder to go back to regular wool.

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      3. Brushed cotton shirt

        Perhaps one of the most iconic throughout history is the brushed cotton shirt and for good reason. Compared to an Oxford shirt which is also a menswear staple due to its ability to be matched with many items all year round. Nonetheless, if you’re on the hunt for comfortable yet stylish clothes like us, Then consider the softer, more comfortable and also fashionable brushed cotton shirt. Normally heavier than its counterpart Oxford shirts, brushed cotton has a unique texture and feel due to it well being brushed to create a cosy, fluffy nap that feels superiorly soft against your skin. Essentially, you’ll have a garment that looks like a regular shirt but feels extremely comfortable.

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        4. Knitted hoodie

          A classic cotton hoodie can provide versatility and is the go-to material for most hoodies. They go perfectly with jeans and sneakers on a night out and have been used by the subculture for a long time. Nonetheless, if you’re someone who prefers comfortable yet stylish clothes these are not the way to go. A knitted version is as it provides ultimate comfort while maintaining the hoodie look. Usually made from cashmere blends or wool this is a knitwear style that you probably never realised you wanted. It offers a smarter look than cotton and the fabric is breathable and cosy no matter what you’re doing.

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          5. Lyocell underwear 

            Clearly cotton is not the ultimate material for comfort but rather the inferior. And so on that note forget about cotton undergarments as lyocell will provide you with the utmost comfort. This fabric has only recently been utilised and has exploded with popularity due to not only its comfortable yet stylish look but also because it is environmentally friendly. Two birds with one stone when wearing this underwear. Made from trees which run through processing to eventually make fibres. It is a sustainable material that provides a silk touch smoothness and the durability of cotton. Furthermore, it is a natural performance fabric which draws moisture away from your body to keep you dry, cool, and comfortable while maintaining its style, really everything you would want from your underwear.

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            New looks keeping you comfortable yet stylish:

            1. Professional look: 

              Dress up drawstring trousers and wear them with a blazer, shirt and loafers for a professional look at your meeting or workplace while maintaining comfort with the waistband stretching to your movement. 


              2. Casual look:

                Dress down drawstring trousers with a graphic T-shirt and shoes for a rather cosy, comfortable casual look when chilling at home or with your ogs’. 


                3. Streetwear look:

                  The cashmere sweater looks great when paired with denim jeans or shorts and trainers. Thus, you can rest comfortably knowing you’ll be comfortable yet stylish in your outfit tomorrow. 


                  4. Sophisticated look:

                    When wearing brushed cotton shirts match them with trousers and loafers for a smart and elegant look without sacrificing comfort. 


                    5. The all-rounder look:

                      Wear your knitted hoodie with fitted trousers or ripped denim for a trendy cool look when going outside. Pro tip! If you want the ultimate comfort wear this hoodie with drawstring trousers and cushioned shoes. 


                      These were a few types of the most comfortable yet stylish clothes in the market today. We hope you enjoyed it and gained some insight into the tips of what to wear with these stylish and cosy clothes. Don’t sacrifice your comfort at the expense of your look when you can now have both. 

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                      Q: What clothes make a man attractive?

                      A: 1) Good taste in shoes

                          2) Good grooming habits

                          3) Suit (that fits properly)

                          4) White T-shirt and jeans

                          5) Rolled sleeves


                      Q: How can a guy look more stylish?

                      A: 1) A great outfit goes a long way

                          2) Practice wearing your clothes to see what looks best

                          3) Dressing well is a skill set that can be learned

                          4) Consider improving your personal lifestyle and boosting your health therefore your looks


                      Q: How can I be comfortable but stylish?

                      A: Wear comfortable and stylish clothes such:

                      1. Drawstring trousers 
                      2. Cashmere sweater
                      3. Brushed cotton shirt
                      4. Knitted hoodie
                      5. Lyocell underwear

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