A guide to damage jeans for men: before you buy

A guide to damage jeans for men: before you buy

“Why would you pay a company money to buy something that looks like it’s already been worn and worn out?” We’ve all heard somebody say this and maybe to those who aren’t on trend with fashion may be a relevant point. But damage jeans for men are not just a trend that’s going to die-hard but instead have a history that dates back to half a century ago. 


Pre-ripped jeans first gained popularity in the 1970s, with the rise of the punk movement in the United Kingdom. At the time, they were as much a symbol as a fashion statement — a break with tradition, a ripping apart of society's established fabric in favour of a future centred on individuality and freedom. Of course, that diluted over time, and after rising and falling in popularity over the decades, ripped jeans became the mainstay of today's on-trend style.

Not all damage jeans for men are created equal, and there are some styling rules to follow if you want to pull off a quality ripped jeans look. So, before you go out and buy the first pair of pre-ripped jeans you come across, consult this guide we've put together for you. There's no need to thank us; that's why we're here.

How should damage jeans fit?

The main concern with damage jeans for men is that they'll end up looking like an old pair of jeans that gradually wore away at the knees. To avoid this, we recommend sticking to straight-to-slim-fit denim. By keeping things tailored, you ensure that the rips on your jeans look intentional, rather than the result of a mishap with a pair of scissors.

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How small or big should the rips be?

When shopping for damage jeans for men, consider the size of the rips on the legs. You want a pair with slits that are no wider than the width of the leg underneath. You don't want to show everyone that you've been skipping leg day. Aside from looks, this is also for practical reasons: if your legs can fit through the holes, they will pop out whenever you bend.


After that, you must decide how much of the leg you want to be ripped, which is largely a matter of personal preference. Some pairs have shredded rips that run the length of the legs, while others may only have a few small distressed spots. Both options are equally valid. It all comes down to styling once you've made your decision.

How to style your ripped jeans?

Let's be clear: pre-ripped jeans are a casual look, no doubt about it. So don't even think about wearing these to work or anywhere remotely "business casual." These are strictly for the weekend and after-hours wear. 

Now comes the question of what to wear. The general rule of thumb is that the larger the rips, the more streamlined the rest of your look should be to compensate. Consider the rips in your jeans to be a pattern; you don't want too many clashing patterns in the same outfit. When wearing damage jeans for men, keep things simple with your shirt and shoes.

A night out:

When properly dressed, a fantastic pair of damage jeans for men can serve you well on a night out at the bar or grabbing dinner and drinks on a date. The idea is to use luxury fabrics and leather to offset the deterioration of the denim. Here are some excellent suggestions. 

Pair your ripped jeans with a premium leather jacket that pays homage to the punk rock legacy of ripped jeans while also adding a current edge to the appearance.

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Picnic at the park:

Make relaxing days in the sun even more casual with an outfit that includes damage jeans for men. Casual sneakers and a short-sleeved camp shirt should suffice. Short-sleeved camp shirts have a clean, basic style and cotton fabric that has the drape of a heavier fabric without the weight. Pair this outfit with leather trainers and find yourself fitting the part at the park. 

Damage jeans for men are loved and the go-to look for many stars in our favourite movies from Saif Ali Khan to Ranveer Singh. The perfect damage jeans for men are all about finding the right balance & ratio. Too many rips & holes and you’ll be showing too much. A graceful number and natural-looking tears are what we’re looking for.

Jeans are undoubtedly one of the most significant investments that practically everyone has made. This is because it allows us to express our personality and attitude. Maybe you wear jeans to work every day, or you wear them after work when you go out. In any case, denim is a versatile piece of apparel that you may wear more than any other piece of clothing you own.


On the other hand, it's amusing that jeans were once designated for the most famous people. In the recent decade, their prominence has shifted to that of a wardrobe staple that everyone owns. Furthermore, they are currently the foundation of nearly every outfit.


Nonetheless, jeans are a timeless fabric on which to base your fashionable ensemble. Brands and designers are always experimenting and becoming more creative with colours, rips, and finishes. Many various companies, from budget to luxuries, such as Berkshire, Zara, Monterrey, and Burberry, have created a variety of unique finishes and styles of damage jeans for men.


There has never been a better moment to wear several sorts of damage jeans for men. 2023 has you covered for men who like to experiment with out-of-the-box appearances and be unique, as well as men who prefer something a little easier to slip on.

This was our guide on damage jeans for men. We hope you gained some insight into ripped jeans and are confident when choosing your next pair. If you enjoyed or have been informed by reading this blog please consider supporting us by heading to branded10.com and buying your favourite garments. 



Q: What are damage jeans called?

A: Ripped jeans or torn jeans are another way of saying damage jeans. 


Q: Why torn jeans more costly? 

A: Torn jeans are more distressed than ones intact thus, the ripping process involves more labour and it is demanded more by consumers so it’s price increases. 


Q: Are ripped jeans still in style 2022?

A:  Damage jeans for men are not just a trend that’s going to die hard but instead have a history that dates back to half a century ago and will continue to be on trend for the upcoming years.


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