Casual Fashion Tips for Everyday Look

Casual Fashion Tips for Everyday Look

Technically, casual fashion should be easy for most men to execute. But if you’re reading this maybe you’re a busy man or woman who wants to level up their style. Or you have a social event you want to look great for. Either way, gaining knowledge on a few casual fashion tips will boost your everyday look. 


Your weekend outfits are only a fraction of the men’s style world. Casual fashion is a whole other game that must be learnt as well. For gentlemen who work and spend most of their time in formal, the casual fashion world may be a little difficult to understand. However, these casual fashion tips will change that. 


Of course, fashion beauty depends on the eyes of the bearer. Nonetheless, there are a few casual fashion tips and rules that apply universally. We’ve collected a list of casual fashion tips to provide you with an idea of how to nail your casual wear style. 


Quality over Quantity

Don’t fill your wardrobe with junk clothes that won’t be durable. The quality of clothes you receive depends on how much you pay for them and that stays true for menswear. 


It may be enticing to buy cheaper casual clothes from market side stalls but because of their cheap materials, they will not last you long and typically these types of clothes do not fit well either. 

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Our casual fashion tip to you is to buy less but spend more on quality clothing. Instead of taking a basket full of basic T-shirts from Zara swap them out for a couple of T-shirts from Calvin Klein and you’ll almost instantly notice the difference in quality. Furthermore, after the first wash, the quality and textures of the T-shirts will remain the same. 


The fit is vital

Regardless of the quality of materials, fabrics or the cost of the garments. If the fitting of your clothes is incorrect they can seldom look good. 


We believe the biggest casual fashion tip we can give you is ensuring the fitting of your casual clothes are correct before buying and wearing them. Different types of T-shirts are made specifically for different body types and you need to find the ones that suit your type while not being too tight or loose. Furthermore, keep a look out for jeans that end just above your footwear. Shirts should fit casually around your shoulders like they were tailor-made to fit you.   


Sometimes finding clothes that fit you right off the racks in shops can be difficult. And if you’re facing this problem we recommend going to local tailors and befriending them. As they can provide you with tips and make clothes that fit you perfectly which will be a great benefit for you.

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Details make the difference 

We believe subtle small differences (detail) can make a great impact. For example, a contrasting pocket square, a jacket that matches the colour of the face of your watch or a matching tie and suit. These subtle details make you stand out. Another casual fashion tip is to use the same idealogy on your casuals as well. 


The details and thoughts you put into your outfits on the weekend should also be done to your everyday outfits. If you decide to wear jeans ensure your socks are stylish and match the rest of your outfit. 


Use fashion statements to your advantage 

Fashion statements are items that add character and personality to your outfits. Clothing like block-coloured jackets and sweatshirts, patterned cool shirts and good quality textured materials. These items when used correctly can bring about life to clothes that may not look good otherwise. 


Fashion statements are hard to pull but not impossible and that’s why our casual fashion tip states ‘only wear one fashion statement per outfit’. Ensure everything else is simple as you don’t want two different garments fighting for attention as that may be overbearing. 

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Wear a nice watch

This is an easy casual fashion tip. We believe when investing in an everyday casual watch, ensure you’re buying something that looks good on everything for example silver black or navy watches. Essentially you should be able to pull off denim and a sweatshirt with the watch as well as a smart casual outfit.  


If you’re someone who likes to be extra comfortable and spend more time in casual wear don’t hesitate to invest in a nice watch. Nevertheless, you can still find great-looking watches at reasonable rates as well. 

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Take advantage of styles that work for you

Wearing the same type of outfit or uniform may sound like a bore, nonetheless, we believe it can also be the key to finding your style. Find a look that suits and compliments you and then work to dress up the details from there. These little pieces can improve your look and make you look your best. If a certain style looks good on you try buying them in different colours to extend your range of options. 


This will keep you looking your best and keeping uniforms (or outfits stored) will save you time when you’re in a rush to get ready. Furthermore, you know that these uniforms are class and look good on you instilling confidence, a key quality for a man to have. 


Causal does not mean sloppy

Lastly, casual does not mean sloppy! Don’t fall for the prenotion that causal means you can get away with wearing joggers everywhere. Causal wear is another category in fashion made to look very good. And when following the casual fashion tips above we do not doubt that you’ll look fantastic. 


Casual clothing is meant to be sorted options to keep you comfortable and looking good. A good selection of relaxed outfits will enable you to always be comfortable, aware, stylish and fashionable whenever you go out. If done right you’ll always have something nice to wear when heading out. 


These were our casual fashion tips for everyday looks we hope you look your absolute best always. If you enjoyed or learned something from this blog let us know on social media. Shop on branded10 for stylish casual clothes



Q: What should I wear for casual everyday?

A: Sneakers, T-shirts, Jeans, Shorts, Jackets, Hoodies & Sweatshirts are all great casual wear to wear everyday. 


Q: How can I look attractive in casual clothes?

A: 1) Choose quality over quantity 

2) Make sure your clothes fit properly

3) Small details in your outfit boost your looks

4) Use fashion statements to look better

5) Wear a watch

6) Find styles that suit you

7) Don’t be sloppy when wearing casual


Q: How can I look classy but causal?

A: Go for good fabrics as they give off a stylish vibe and wear neutral colours. 

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