Statement pieces in men’s fashion 2023

Statement pieces in men’s fashion 2023

Let’s begin by understanding what exactly a statement piece is. A statement piece is a bold item of clothing that aids you to stand out. This can be a shirt with a bold print or a colourful scarf that stands out. Typically the clothing is unexpected but unique. The goal of a statement piece is to add some personality to your outfit. Thus, boosting your men’s fashion.

Express yourself

Statement pieces are vital to men’s fashion because they enable men to express their style. It’s very easy to fall into the trap of wearing the same basic clothing every day, nonetheless, statement pieces can help shake things up and add some spice to the wardrobe. However, keep in mind they will make stand out from a crowd and leave a lasting impression which is great for those who like attention but it may not be for everyone.

Berkshire is a men’s fashion formal brand that specialised in making statement pieces for formal events. Inspired by the grandeur of Berkshire, UK, the brand captures the essence of castles, ballrooms and royalty in every piece we design. 

Whether you’re attending a black-tie event, a wedding or a formal meeting, our statement pieces will ensure you stand out. The brands' unique designs, luxurious fabrics and fantastic craftsmanship make our clothing the best choice for any stylish man to leave a great impression.

In this blog post, we will be discussing the different types of statement pieces in men’s fashion that all men can pull off. We will be covering men’s statement shirts, shoes, accessories and more. Each section will include tips on how to style these items and suggestions for clothes that you can easily use in your wardrobe. So whether you’re a fashion connoisseur or new to this game, we’re sure there’s something of interest for everyone in this post. 


Statement shirts

Statement shirts are used to add some individuality to your outfit and wardrobe. They come in numerous different forms such as patterned shirts, bold colours and linen shirts These different forms of shirts all work to serve their fashion formal purposes and will assist you to stand out from the crowd.

Patterned shirts

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The first type of statement shirt we will be discussing is the patterned shirt. These range from bold stripes, shapes, florals, etc. These shirts are great for adding flair and interest to an outfit. These types of shirts should be paired with neutral bottoms such as navy or black trousers, to keep the focus on the shirt. Berkshire offers a wide selection of patterned shirts, with our attention to detail and premium craftsmanship Berkshire patterned shirts are a statement piece all men can pull off. 


Bold colours

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The next type of statement piece is to wear bold-coloured shirts. These shirts work great to make a statement piece because they are vibrant and catch the attention. They can be worn as a standalone piece or can be layered underneath a blazer for a more formal look. When wearing a bold-coloured shirt it is key to keep the rest of your outfit rather simple and neutral and let your shirt do the talking. Berkshire men’s fashion fabrics are bold and vibrant with many trendy colours. If you’re looking for the perfect bold-coloured statement shirt, be sure to check out Berkshire shirts. 


Silk shirts

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When we go back in history we find the silk road, this soft, lustrous fibre was the fabric of the rich and powerful and when worn was used to showcase one’s social status. Nothing much has changed in the past 500 years. Linen shirts are lightweight and breathable and hence work great in warm weather. Berkshire makes linen shirts in a variety of different colours and they can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. These are another perfect statement piece in men’s fashion.

They add some shine to an outfit and should be paired with neutral trousers to keep the interest in the silk fabric. Linen shirts work well for a variety of occasions, for example, beach parties, summer events and other outdoor occasions. They’re great at adding glamour to any summer party look. If you like making an entrance, nobody forgets the guy in the silk shirt. If you’re interested in this type of statement shirt check out Berkshire silk shirts that any man can easily use in their wardrobe. 


Graphic Tee

Lastly, shifting focus from formal to casual statement shirts, we arrive at the graphic T-shirt. They have been rising in popularity over the last few years and for good reason. They feature bold graphics, and cool colours and can make a statement about the wearers' personality. Graphic T-shirts are better worn formally with denim jeans and sneakers.


Remember the key to styling statement shirts is to allow them to shine. Do not overcomplicate your outfit instead let your shirt be the focus. A good rule to follow is to pair statement shirts with neutral bottoms, such as black or navy chinos and keep accessories at a minimum.  


Statement accessories 

Sometimes all an outfit needs are the right accessories. When it comes to men’s fashion, statement accessories are great ways to add the final personality to an outfit. There are numerous different accessories we will be discussing in this post. From watches, jewellery and belts these accessories work great as statement pieces. 



A watch is a stylish utility that also doubles as a brilliant statement piece. They come in various styles from classic leather straps to more modern unique designs. They are easily paired with different styles of men’s fashion from casual to formal. 



Jewellery is a fancy but elaborate way to add flair to your outfit. They come in different materials such as gold and silver pieces to luxurious gems like emeralds and ruby. These also can be easily paired with all forms of men’s fashion



Last but not least we have belts, they work great with formal outfits and come in different styles from the classic metal strap to other creative solutions. They assist us to keep our bottoms levelled and looking great while doing so. 


Berkshire men’s fashion apparel makes a statement on its own, but when paired with statement accessories, it creates an exceptionally fashionable look. Berkshire’s use of vibrant colours, textures and patterns enables them to be a great canvas for statement accessories like the watch, jewellery and belts. Berkshire’s attention to detail and use of luxurious materials enables your accessories to seamlessly work together to create a polished look. So the next time you’re trying to leave an impression consider pairing Berkshire clothing with statement accessories for a show-stopping look.  


Statement outerwear

Making a statement has never been easier with statement outerwear pieces. Clothing items such as leather jackets, bomber jackets and parkas are all perfect during colder weather and add some character to your outfits. 


Leather jacket 

A timeless classic that doesn’t go out of style. Leather is durable and has a unique texture that makes them stand out. They are stylish and one of our favourite men’s fashion outerwear. They can be paired with jeans and trousers. Pair them with Berkshire clothing for a sleek and sophisticated look making them a great statement piece. 


Bomber jacket

Bomber jackets are another popular choice in casual men’s fashion. Typically they are made from durable materials like nylon or leather and have a sporty and relaxed look. They also can be paired with a variety of bottoms like denim and chinos. 


Parka jacket 

Parkas are the most efficient during colder weather, additionally, they’re trendy, warm and look great. Typically made from water-resistant materials and features a hood to help protect you from the cold and rain. They can be paired with a variety of different bottoms and can be layered on top of other jackets for additional warmth and protection. 


Match and pair statement outwear with simple shirts and bottoms and keep the focal point on the jackets. Pairing these outerwear statement pieces with Berkshire men’s fashion apparel can help boost your overall outfit. 



To sum up, statement pieces can easily take a basic outfit into a winning outfit. Whether it is a statement shirt, accessory or outerwear they all make a big statement. 


We have discussed different types of statement pieces in men’s fashion, and how to style them. We have also highlighted the importance of high-quality materials and craftsmanship in statement pieces. If you’re having trouble finding the right brand we strongly recommend you take a look at our brand Berkshire to find these great statement pieces. 


We encourage you to try and use some statement pieces in your outfits and wardrobe. Whether it is a formal event or a general outing, statement pieces are a great way to add some character to the event. 


We hope this post has provided some inspiration and has encouraged you to try adding some statement pieces to your wardrobe. Remember at Berkshire we use three elements to ensure our clothing works as men’s fashion statement pieces. We use high-end fabrics, put attention to the small details and provide great craftsmanship. So really what are you waiting for find your perfect statement piece here?



Q: How can a guy look classy? 

A: 1) Wear well-fitted clothes.

2) Keep your footwear clean.

3) Factor your skin tone into your coloured clothing.

4) Good accessories.

5) Keep a nice fragrance.

6) Choose Berkshire.


Q: What is the latest men’s fashion?

A: 1) Silk shirts

2) Bold colours

3) Watches

4) Leather jacket

5) Parka jacket


Q: What is a statement piece outfit?

A: A statement piece is a bold item of clothing that aids you to stand out. Typically the clothing is unexpected but unique. The goal of a statement piece is to add some personality to your outfit.

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