Do you wash your white clothes separately? Fold and maintain your underwear? Get your fashion formal clothes tailored? If your answer to the questions is no, then there is a large possibility your style is suffering as a result. We’ve compounded some of the best habits of well dressed men to further improve your style.

 Why do well-dressed men stand out?

We’ve discovered the well-dressed actors we’ve seen on the big screen share a few habits, and no it’s not a stylist on speed dial.

In an attempt to provide you with a shortcut towards wardrobe success. Here are the best habits of well dressed men


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Understand the basics… and stick to them

There’s a quote by stylist, Georgia Boal-Russell, who’s worked for Tom ford, Adidas, etc. She says ‘all the fashion greats keep it simple.’ And we could not agree more, your outfit is only as good as its weakest link. This means if your jacket and jeans look good but your underlayer T-shirt looks out of place it will bring down your entire outfit. She then goes on further to say ‘They rely on basic uniforms and do not worry about making a statement if it’s not their style.’


There was a survey conducted by an online shopping service Thread, British men on average only wear 13% of their entire wardrobe. This is most likely due to men returning to their basic pieces again and again. Because of this evidence, we believe the habits of well dressed men are to invest in quality essentials that match and work with other garments in their wardrobes. Moreover, another habit of well dressed men is to invest in clothes they can see themselves in throughout the next few years. 


Berkshire recognises this and has produced many high-quality essentials to keep well-dressed men in style always. Cover your basics with our well-fitted plain white and sky blue shirts. For a formal stylish look, you can pick up our denim shirts and even use them as an overlay. Lastly, finish your look off with our smart trousers. Pro tip! We recommend pairing our light neutral-coloured shirts with darker chinos. 

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Don’t plan obsessively

We’re sure you’ve heard this one before! Plan and select your outfit for the following day, the night before. Nonetheless, this is not the only way stylish men go about their outfit selection. Men’s style director Simon Chivers says ‘I rarely lay out clothes the night before.’ Additionally, he said ‘Unless you’ve got a strict uniform or dress code to adhere to, dressing with spontaneity is most likely to result in outfits that you feel comfortable in and that will suit your mood.’ Freestyling through your collection of clothes and making a choice is a habit of well dressed men. 


Nonetheless, making up your outfit on the go is not the easiest of tasks. Additionally, another habit of well dressed men is to have a few go-to combinations as this will save time and that is always a good thing. Ensure you go through your calendar and understand what your day looks like while selecting your outfit. This will guarantee you choose something well-suited for your day. For example, if you look at the calendar and see you have work, meetings and then an after-work event. It’s best to choose something flexible enough to support your look throughout work and the event. 


*Berkshire smart clothing walks in* At Berkshire we know how hectic long days can be. As young people, we know how frustrating it can be to go out of your way to change into something more suitable for an after-work event after work. Thus, Berkshire eliminates this problem with our smart fashion formal clothing. Fit right in at work and your after-party event with our striped or patterned smart shirts and light-coloured chinos. Formal enough to fit in at work and fashionable enough to fit in at any after-work event.



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With Berkshire clothing, you can always have outfits saved to wear, saving you time and stress in the morning. Stay ready with Berkshire. 


Do not ignore care labels

Devoting some time to taking care of your clothes and washing them regularly could be the difference between being dressed subpar and having an outstanding style. 


This leads us to our next habit of well dressed men, they ensure their garments are always well-maintained and clean their outfits before wearing them. Photographer and menswear influencer, Jonathan Danial Price says, ‘We live in a world of disposability, but it’s still worth taking care of a garment.’ As mentioned before men in the UK only use 13% of their wardrobe. Thus, it is necessary to take care of our essentials so they keep us looking stylish. 


If you’ve only just started to clean and maintain your clothes. We suggest investing in clothes with low maintenance such as Berkshire. At Berkshire, we make youth-orientated clothes that cover more than just the look of our clothes. We understand taking care of clothes can initially be difficult and so we design our clothes to be easy for anyone to maintain. Just put them in the way every one to two wears and our clothes will keep you looking great always. 

And that brings us to the end of our blog on habits of well dressed men. To conclude a well-dressed man requires a little discipline and the ability to follow certain habits mentioned above to improve his overall style. If you have any questions or feel as if we should add something to this blog be sure to tell us on Instagram. 


Be sure to head to branded10 and buy Berkshire fashion formal essentials to keep you well-dressed always. Didn’t we say… The last habit of well dressed men is to wear Berkshire clothing ;)



Q: How can a man dress very well?

A: 1) Understand the basics and stick to them.

2) Don’t over-plan.

3) Take care of your clothes (especially the ones you wear regularly.)


Q: What makes a man stylish?

A: A stylish man retains his clothes organised, everything has a place, and he practices the 'less is more philosophy. A stylish man has an organised wardrobe that would make anyone with OCD pleased, from shoes neatly placed to ties and accessories carefully stored.


Q: How can a guy dress more attractively?


  1. Great Taste in Shoes.
  2.  A Suit (That Fits Properly)
  3.  Rolled Sleeves.
  4.  Berkshire Chinos.
  5.  Berkshire Garments

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