How to Wear a Beanie in 2023: 5 Modern and Stylish ways to wear it

How to Wear a Beanie in 2023: 5 Modern and Stylish ways to wear it

The beanie is cool, functional and certainly one of the more polarising menswear accessories. It can offer a quick and effective change in look. For some, this item may be a reminder of David Beckham’s oversized wool hat that is seared into our memory since 2004 making it impossible to take this accessory seriously. Nevertheless, the blog will feature a guide on how to wear a beanie stylishly in 2023. 

For those who are interested in styling a beanie into their outfit (even after David Beckham’s comical look), we urge you to take this a step forward and continue reading through this guide. 

Regardless of all the mishaps and bad styling, the beanie is a useful accessory in a man’s wardrobe. The problem at hand is it can be difficult to figure out how to wear a beanie correctly. With this in mind, we’ve curated several ways to style this diverse breed of hats. 

Beanie styles to try

Some of the beanies on the list below had their time in the spotlight back in the 2000s. Don’t pull a David Beckham, do not wear a loosely worn, oversized beanie. Stick to the classic beanie styles listed below.

Cuffed beanie 

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This is the classic woollen beanie. Made to be worn down over the ears and stretched all the way around. It is difficult to go wrong with this one if the fitting is right. Pick a stylish, green or blue beanie so it is versatile and can be worn with virtually anything. 

Fishermen beanie

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This version of the beanie is rather chunkier and has a more common look in the fashion world nowadays. Believe it or not but this beanie was originally worn by men shivering by the docks trying to catch fish. However, today, it is worn by many others and is considered a part of workwear in colder regions. Typically this style is a little shorter than a regular beanie and sits a little above the ears. 

Bobble hat

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This was the statement beanie back in the day. It worked for Kevin in home alone and it’ll work for us too. The bobble hat originated in the military and served its purpose of keeping wearers warm in the depths of the winter. We recommend avoiding anything too festive (honestly a rule for all fashion pieces.) Try to find cable-knit designs or something simple. 

The right beanie according to your face shape

Beanies have a natural dome shape and can make your jawline and the shape of your face more prominent. Thus, it is vital one picks the right style and understands how to wear a beanie. If your face is rather round, typical beanies may not be the style for you. Instead one should opt for a bobble hat or more ribbed designs that can give the appearance of length. Moreover, if you have long or narrow features, a chunkier style with a larger wrap-around will provide a little proportion through width. 

5 stylish ways to wear a beanie


The beanie is most widely used as a casual accessory. And so to no surprise, one of the easiest ways to style a beanie is by making it a part of a causal outfit. Pair it was causal staples from USMC‘s relaxed shirts and trousers, and this casual accessory shines. 

Firstly, we need to consider the beanie itself, typically, more miniature hats are the way to go for this style. A beanie sitting slightly above your ears would be a good fit. Regarding the colour, this will purely depend on your outfit. For ultra-versatility select colours like navy, black and charcoal. Perhaps, a beanie with patterns and details for a touch of interest. Nevertheless, vibrant beanies can work as well, as long as there aren’t any other bright pieces fighting for attention in your outfit. 

In terms of outerwear, we suggest sticking to staples such as parkas, sweatshirts or bomber jackets paired with casual USMC legwear. Lastly, to wrap up your outfit, choose laid-back footwear like boots or canvas shoes. 


Beanies are integral to this subgenre aesthetic, especially during colder weather. We would recommend the fishermen's beanie for this style, well an undersized version that sits above your ears. As we mentioned before this beanie is a traditional piece of workwear and a perfect alternative if the other beanies are not for you. Stick to neutral or darker colours as well as a good fit so you don’t have to worry about your ears sticking out.

Regarding the outfit, here are a few words to live by (when following this style,) overshirt, Monterrey jeans and boots. This is because these items are the cornerstone of the workwear style and can be repeated season after season. As usual, we would recommend keeping the colours relatively dark, but regarding your overshirt, do not be afraid to go for bright colours!


Smart casual

Not so long ago there was a time when wearing a beanie with any tailored clothing was unimaginable. However, recently, the rise of smart casual has enabled this hat to be accessorised with this subgenre in a stylish manner. 

The key is to keep it on the laid-back side of smart casual and use your beanie to dress your outfit down. This isn’t the space for bright colours. Thus, keep your beanie in a neutral tone. To play it safe stick to the usuals such as grey, black and navy or if you’re willing to experiment you can choose colours like brown, burgundy or dark orange. 

For the outfit, you can mix and match smart clothing like dress trousers from Berkshire and brown or black leather shoes. Along with that pair casual cold-weather pieces like jumpers or knitted sweatshirts. Lastly, layer with smart outerwear like a wool coat and beanie to tie it all together. 

Winter ready

Every year, there comes a time when wearing a warm hat is simply not an option. For many, this entails reluctance to brave the daily commute while donning an unattractive fleece.  Style is irrelevant in this situation. But in our opinion, if you're going to wear it, it might as well look fantastic. 

Remove the uncomfortable wool cap and replace it with something sleeker. Look for products made of merino wool for the most warmth and comfort, or even a cashmere blend if you're ready to pay a little bit extra. Remain true to the winter concept in terms of colour. Dark, neutral, blue, or earthy autumnal tones are what is meant by it. 

Pair the beanie with a proper winter coat, thick knits, and seasonally appropriate leg wear. To finish off wear sturdy boots well suited for winter.


A beanie can be worn in countless ways with hip-hop, athletic, and designer streetwear-inspired ensembles.  You'll find more vibrant colours and overt branding, but plain black beanies can also serve as an anchor for an outfit including large outerwear, bold designs, or vibrant colours below the neck. 

The opposite is also accurate. Put on a striking beanie and a plain black sweatshirt or a patterned shirt by Monterrey. Of course, since this is menswear, clashing patterns and colours are also acceptable. 


Q: How is a beanie supposed to be worn? 

A: A beanie sitting slightly above your ears would be a good fit. And if the wind picks up you can pull it down for extra warmth.

Q: How can I look cool while wearing a beanie? 

A: Pair a black beanie with denim jeans and a sweatshirt or tee for a great look. You can also pair your beanie with pieces like bomber jackets, denim jackets, jeans and boots for a cool winter look. 

Q: Do ears go under beanie? 

A: The typical look is to let it rest a little bit above your ears. Your ears should be sticking out or completely covered unless the weather is very cold. In short, your beanie should rest somewhere in the middle. 

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