How To Dress Well: 20 Expert Style Tips All Men Should Try

How To Dress Well: 20 Expert Style Tips All Men Should Try

Have you ever worn your best outfit but still felt like something was missing? Or even when you tried to add accessories some piece of the puzzle was still missing? Well, worry no more because we are here to address that today in this blog. We have taken fashion icons' advice and put them all into one concise blog on how you can become more stylish and fashionable in 2022. 

Good fitting:

Wearing good quality, fashionable clothes are pointless when the size or the fitting isn’t correct. Your clothing regardless of quality will look shabby if it is too long or short. And so if you feel like something does not fit pay attention to how it looks across your shoulder and chest or don’t buy it. 

Certain garments like trousers or suits can be altered so ensure it tailor-made to fit you.

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Quality over Quantity:

Today there are many tonnes of garments that end up in landfills every year. Being environmentally conscious will definitely aid in reducing this statistic. Furthermore, if you like high-quality clothes or are on a budget we can also reduce this waste. 


Higher quality clothes are made from better materials and tend to last a lot longer than their cheaper counterparts Moreover, they tend to fit and look better too. Cheaper clothing can also suggest many ethical issues such as underpaid & underage workers. Thus, investing in ethical branded clothes will directly impact sweatshops. 

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Details make the difference:

Putting on clothes is easy, but a key stylish difference is established when you pay attention to how you put on clothes. Some of these rules may feel too finicky but they certainly help improve your style. For example, matching your leather shoes with your leather belt. Or matching dress socks with dress shoes. Moreover, not thinking that your underwear doesn’t matter because no one sees it. 


Accessorise yourself:

Your clothing can be expressive or conservative either out of choice or necessity if you accessorise yourself well. Accessories enable you to express your style to others who are looking at you. Invest in good quality accessories you like wearing a lot. For example, if you’re into watches get a nice branded versatile look watch so you can wear it with many outfits. Or if you’re into other accessories like belts, shoes, rings, etc. step up the quality of these items. A little bit of flair goes a long way with your outfits as it can add colour and contrast through the use of accessories.

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Feeling good in your clothes:

Comfortability is vital when choosing what clothes to wear and buy. Do not wear anything that doesn’t feel right on you because it will show. Furthermore, we believe this is more psychological than physical and may not apply to all men who may not stress over their looks or sense of style. 

Nonetheless, we believe you shouldn’t limit yourself to t-shirts and joggers. Push yourself to find your own comfortable style with numerous different garments, but do not try and copy someone else’s as it may not feel comfortable on you.

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Take care of your clothes:

Believe it or not but your style takes place before you even wear your outfit. Obviously, there is the time taken into thinking about what clothes you’re gonna mix and match to create the outfit of that day. However, you also have to tend to the clothes you wear which can be a little tedious but important. Essentially you have to iron your clothes, dry clean formal wear, polish & clean your shoes as well as repair clothing with tears and wears. 


This will not only make your clothes last longer but also you will look better. This is part of general grooming and what it takes to dress well as a man. 

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When you’re not sure, dress up:

Dressing up for the right occasion is vital and respectful but sometimes it isn’t obvious what the dress code is. For example, some invitations may use terms like smart casual which sounds a little contradicting and so to that we say ‘if in doubt, dress up.’ 


This may sound like advice you heard from your grandfather nonetheless, it still holds true because you can’t feel out of place for dressing up ‘too’ smart. But being too casual may be painful.


Old but Gold:

Fashion and trends constantly change through generations and it is the very reason that gives the style a purpose. Suppose you don’t like the expenditure or just the act of chasing trends. There are classics that have been the foundation of men’s fashion that are still popular to date. From navy suits, button-down shirts, and straight-fit jeans to oxford shoes. 

Sometimes people relate classic to boring but that isn’t the case as you can style them in your personal way and a bonus is that you’ll look great at any time in old but gold outfits. 

Embrace the texture:

Patterns and colours are vital to the aesthetic of your outfit. Nonetheless, when boosting your outfit, employing specific textures can add another dimension. Tactile fabrics are used in order to create a focal point or manifest a sense of depth. Tactile fabrics consist of corduroy, silk fleece and suede. Adding these types of fabrics to your cupboard and outfits will employ you with another upgrade to your dressing sense and enable you to level up your outfits. 

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Seek inspiration on social media:

Apps that are rather photo based such as Instagram or Pinterest or great for finding some inspiration. Searching hashtags that suit your way of dressing can aid your decision-making when deciding how to style yourself. Moreover, there are many influencers and celebrities who you can take inspiration from if you come to find that you like one of their styles. Lastly, you may want to consider looking at accounts that aren’t necessarily your type of clothing because you may just end up liking something and finding your perfect fit and aesthetic. 

This was branded10’s guide on how to dress well for men. We hope you use these tips to your advantage and boost your dressing sense. If you feel like there is something we need to add be sure to let us know on Instagram.   



Q: How do I dress well as a man?

A: Following the expert style tips:

  1. Good fitting
  2. Quality over Quantity
  3. Details make the difference 
  4. Accessorise yourself
  5. Feeling good in your clothes
  6. Take care of your clothes
  7. When you’re not sure, dress up
  8. Old but Gold
  9. Embrace the texture 
  10. Seek inspiration on social media


Q: What makes a guy well-dressed?

A: Today we consider a well-dressed man to be someone who puts effort and thought into their outfit. Providing pleasure or even sometimes entertainment to the outside viewers is ideal. 


Q: Is a well dressed man attractive? 

A: According to research and studies well-dressed men are perceived to be more innovative, sexier and successful. Additionally, these types of men are more well-liked and fare better in relationships. 

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