USMC Cargo Pants

USMC Cargo Pants

Know your Cargo

Before this blog begins we know what you’re thinking. ‘Are cargo pants a thing again?’ And to that question, we say yes, it is more significant than before. We believe the fall off of cargo pants was exaggerated in 2003. For the past decade, from the coffee shop to the park, we’ve seen numerous people wearing these trousers. As mentioned before we’re in the middle of a cargo trousers glow-up. Thus, here are key cargo pants tips for this year.

Trace the Style

Why are cargo trousers back in style? It’s because currently, 90s fashion has made a big-time comeback into today’s fashion. Furthermore, there is interest and demand for utilitarian clothing that feels more intense than ever before. Because of this, nowadays there are new interpretations of cargo pants specially crafted for modern men. Thus, at USMC we have made cargo pants that are functional yet smart. Think less skater boy, but instead a more grown man with good taste. If this sounds like a bit of you continue reading for USMC cargo pants tips.

At USMC we stand for vigour, rigour and honour. And so do our cargo trousers. Feel the function and style while still looking honourable. Made from twill cotton our cargo pants are made with comfortability in mind and are more relaxed even during summer weather. We want you to stay comfortable wherever you decide to express your cargo trouser fashion. With a variety of big pockets, you’ll be able to carry all your essentials like your phone, keys, wallet and earphones as well as other tools you may need while working or heading out. Thus, when wearing USMC cargo pants, never carry a bag again!

With all your tools comfortably fitting in the spacious pockets, this will upgrade your fashion game as no bag will come in the way of your outfit. If you’re a confident man who is up to a challenge then USMC is made for you. Our brand makes clothing (and cargo pants) for men who stand by their morals and ethics while preserving their courage. Essentially for men with tough demeanours. If you’re a man who aligns yourself with these qualities you’ll shine through in our gentlemen's quality clothing. 

Below is a no-nonsense, quick and straightforward guide on cargo pants tips.

Do’s and Don’ts: Cargo pants tips

Choose the right fabric and fit

During the 90s and 00s, cargo pants gained a bad reputation. However, this was due to bad fits. That era is known for its lack of restraint, especially in the fashion world. Because of this cargo pants got bigger, baggier and bulky to the point where today we feel like it was a parody. Today we keep this in mind at USMC and we have streamlined our cargo trousers. Our cargo pants tip to you is to ensure you choose the right fit for your body type. We recommend choosing our straight-cut cargo trousers. Our cargo trousers have the perfect amount of space towards the end to stay authentic and keep it a little oversized but not cartoonish. 

Regarding the fabric we’ve got you covered. Made from high-quality twill cotton our cargo pants are sturdy and smart looking making it hard for you to go wrong. To sum up the cargo pants tip we strongly recommend choosing the correct size according to your waist (if you’re unsure you can measure this at home) and you’ll have no problems in terms of fitting keeping you fashionable in USMC cargo pants. 


USMC Blue Button-up Cargo Pants

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Don’t overcomplicate your style

Great fashion and style are all about balance. If you're going all-in on cargo trousers, even if they're well-tailored, keep things simple on top. Military field jackets and utility vests can be worn with cargo trousers, but doing so without seeming like you just robbed an army surplus store is challenging. Our cargo pants tip is to mix colours and fabrics and keep the fit modern.

We recommend pairing your USMC cargo pants with classic pieces like chunky fisherman knits, denim jackets, overshirts, and hiking boots Moreover, a great summer cargo pants tip is to go with an oversized T-shirt and spotless white shoes. This can seldom go wrong in the summer. 

USMC Beige Drawstring Cargo Trousers (Add link and price)

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The Pocket Tale

Believe it or not cargo pants were initially invented for military personnel purposes. Emerging during WW1 they were specially crafted for soldiers who needed additional space to store items such as maps, ammunition and bandages. Thus, convenient large pockets were added to trousers which resulted in the creation of cargo pants.

The British army was the first one to transition and add cargo pants to their uniform. Their version consisted of one large sewn-on pocket. Later the American army adopted this uniform style and added a second, to make double and even quad-large pockets to their uniform. This became the standard for cargo trousers ever since. 

  • Historic Significance

We mention this because — yes soldiers fighting actual wars can make do with fewer cargo pockets, then less should be well suited for us as well. At USMC we keep this in mind and make our cargo trousers to provide our customers with a simple and clean style. To achieve this our cargo pants have two traditional pockets as well as two cargo pockets which sit closer to the hip than the knee. These pockets also sit neatly rather than sagging down like you may have seen on other cargo trousers. Of course, we’ve noticed other brands taking a maximalist approach adding many big pockets. However, we believe they’re the exception, not the rule. 

  • Quick tip

This leads us to our next cargo pants tip keep your cargo pants simple with fewer pockets for a cleaner look. If you’re not sure which cargo pants are simple and in trend, check out cargo pants by USMC to find the style you’re looking for.


USMC Grey Button-up Cargo Pants

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This concludes our USMC key cargo pants tips for 2023. If you have any questions regarding the content reach out to us on Instagram. And if you haven’t already head over to branded10 and treat yourself to high-end stylish cargo pants by USMC, with a variety of different colours there’s something for everyone.


Q: How do you make cargo pants look good?

A: 1) Choose the right fitting and fabric. 

2) Don’t overcomplicate your style, let your cargo pants be the centrepiece of attention.

3) Ensure the cargo pockets are at a minimum and they are neat, not baggy.

Q: Should cargo pants be tight or loose?

A: Your cargo pants should be a little oversized but not cartoonishly big. Thus, they should be a little loose or just fit. Don’t buy cargo pants that are tight or too loose. 

Q: How many times can you wear cargo pants before washing?

A: In short 2-4 times. If your cargo pants are darker some stains and dirt will not show as much as in lighter colours. Thus, for lighter colours wash them after wearing them twice and for darker colours wash them after wearing them 3-4 times.

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