How To Style Checkered Shirts For Men 2023

How To Style Checkered Shirts For Men 2023

Fashion has continually been updated and tailored to the everchanging fashion tastes of the youth. And throughout the last few years, checkered shirts for men have continued to stay in trend and have now become one of the staple pieces in men’s wardrobes. 

Nowadays this timeless pattern is made in numerous different styles as well as hues. Which allows this piece to create many distinct looks. Moreover, USMC has countless options allowing us gentlemen to choose a checkered shirt according to our own personal tastes and preferences.  

In this blog article, we will discuss the various ways one can style a checkered shirt for men as well as provide some tips. Additionally, we will be considering if this shirt works in casual or formal settings. Lastly, we’ll be covering how to select the right checkered shirt for you. Moreover, how to layer this piece and mix and match patterns. 

By the end of this short read, you will have some inspiration on how to use and style checkered shirts to your advantage. 

How To Select The Right Checkered Shirt

When we talk about how To style checkered shirts For Men, one must consider two things, the body type and skin tone to ensure the shirt suits you. 

  • Body Type

Men who have bigger and wider frames should opt for larger check patterns as smaller checks can create the illusion of you looking bigger. Conversely, those with smaller frames should opt for smaller checks as this will create an illusion of volume. 

  • Skin Tone

Men with warmer skin tones will find earthy tones like brown and green better suited for them. Conversely, those with cooler skin tones will be better suited to shades of purple and blue. 

If you’re unsure of all the colours that suit your skin tone, we suggest looking it up quickly as this can boost your sense of style quickly and easily.


USMC has created endless options in terms of stylish checkered shirt patterns and colours. From the bold and popular choice, red and black checks to a cooler muted look consisting of blue and grey. USMC considers colour to make the perfect checkered shirts for different types of personalities, styles and skin tones. 

It all comes down to finding the perfect checkered shirt that speaks to your tastes and preferences. Nonetheless, don’t be afraid to discover and find the perfect coloured checkered shirt you like best from USMC's wide collection. Check out USMC here to find your favourite piece. 

Casual Styling

Casually styling checkered shirts are a fantastic method of creating laid-back and relaxed looks. If you’re confused about how to casually style your checkered shirts for men, below you’ll find a few tips and ideas on how to do just that.

  • Match with Jeans and Sneakers

A simple yet effective way to casually dress in your checkered shirt is to pair it with denim jeans and sneakers. Opt for straight-leg jeans in a darker wash (keeping your look sleek.) And add white sneakers for a fresh pop of contrast. 

  • Accessories

Accessorising when done correctly works wonders for this look. Adding an elegant leather watch will add some sophistication to your look, while a baseball cap can create a relaxed sporty aesthetic. 

  • Rolling up your Sleeves

Rolling up the sleeves of your checkered shirt can help to create a more distinct and alluring vibe. Whilst yet maintaining the relaxed and casual appearance we are trying to create. The power of this simple method is typically underappreciated as this simple trick usually turns heads and improves people’s perception of you and your fashion sense. Moreover, this will enable you to show off any accessories on your wrist such as a watch or bracelet. 

  • Layer on top of a tee

If it is a little chilly outside or you’re looking to add another layer of style. Try layering your checkered shirts for men on top of a plain t-shirt. Opt for lighter, pastel-coloured checkered shirts for men, because your plain tee will aid in highlighting the colours of your checkered shirt. 

In short, when creating a casual look with a checkered shirt stick to the classics such as white sneakers and denim jeans and add your accessories sparingly. 

Dressy Styling

When trying to dress up with a checkered shirt for a rather dressy occasion. Keep these styling hacks in mind:

  • Match with Dress Pants and Shoes

When dressing up your checkered shirt for men, opt for slim-fit or tailored dress pants in neutral colours like grey, navy or black. Select brown or black dress shoes to compliment your trousers. 

  • Choose the Right Checkered Shirt Pattern

To dress up using a checkered shirt, we must use the right pattern. Typically smaller checks are more formal and sophisticated. While bigger checks can be bolder and eye-catching depending on the pattern. 

In short, when dressing up choose checkered shirts for men with smaller checks and stick to matching them with dress pants and shoes for a polished look. 

Layering A Checkered Shirt


To add some depth and interest to your outfit, you can create a layered look with your checkered shirt for men. Below are a few ideas. 

  • Pair With A Denim Jacket

Perhaps you’ve seen this look before because it certainly works! Layer your checkered shirt with  a denim jacket to create a rugged vibe perfect for a gentleman attending an outdoor occasion. Wear a slim/fitted denim jacket to keep the look clean and choose a colour that compliments your checkered shirt for men

  • Layering Without The Bulk

If you’re trying to layer but everything seems to result in being bulky after trying, this tip is for you. To avoid the bulk, use lightweight fabrics and do not go beyond 2-3 layers. Use a thin sweater or cardigan instead of a thicker jacket. 

  • Mix and Match Patterns To Your Advantage

This last layering look takes advantage of other layers with patterns. Don’t be afraid to pair a striped sweater or jacket as this can break up the patterns of your checkered shirt for men as well as add visual interest to your outfit. Ensure you select patterns that complement each other rather than clash. 

When layering with a checkered shirt for men you must achieve the layering look with the right amount of comfort and style to feel your best. 

Final Thoughts 

Checkered shirts for men are a great addition to any man's wardrobe. With a great number of options in styles and colours, it is easy to find a checkered shirt that speaks to your tastes and preferences. 

When choosing the shirt, consider your body type and skin tone to ensure the shirt suits you. 

For a casual look pair your checkered shirt with jeans and white sneakers. Perhaps layer it over a white tee. For a dressy look match it with dress pants and dress shoes. Perhaps layer a denim jacket over your shirt. 

By following the tips and ideas provided in this blog article you will be able to create a range of stylish looks with your shirt. 

If you’re looking for stylish checkered shirts, head on over to USMC's collection and find your favourite piece to add to your wardrobe.


Q: What to wear with checkered shirt guys?

A: 1)  Simple yet effective, layer your checkered shirt with a denim jacket to create a rugged vibe perfect for a gentleman attending an outdoor occasion. 

2) Pair it with a lightweight cardigan or fleece to avoid bulkiness but boost your style. 

3) Layering your checkered shirt for men on top of a plain white t-shirt. Or choose lighter pastel-coloured tees to highlight the features and design of your checkered shirt. 

Q: Is checkered shirt smart casual? 

A: When attending a rather formal event, it is acceptable to wear a checkered shirt. However, keep a few things in mind. Don’t overwhelm your outfit with a clash of patterns and colours. And smaller checks are considered neater and more formal. 

Q: What are check shirts called? 

A: They are also called ‘tartan’ shirts. However, do not confuse them with flannels as they are also called tartan but are made from a flannel material. 

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