8 Tips to Instantly Improve your Look

8 Tips to Instantly Improve your Look

Fashion isn’t something you’re always born with, so it becomes a choice you must make to appear that way. We believe you can instantly improve your looks through a few methods regardless of the cost of the clothes you wear. If you know how to match and pair garments on yourself, you can also look good in road stall clothing. Nonetheless, it is important to ensure the clothes you buy are durable and of good quality. Clothes & garments from certain reliable economic brands (Zara, h&m and branded10) have a cut to them that looks and feels premium. 

Furthermore, it’s always great to wait for summer & winter sales as this can enable you to get great quality clothing at heavily discounted prices. Moreover, online there are many discount codes available for some of your favourite brands which also will discount the clothes you’re looking for. Lastly, if you’re looking for the essentials such as a white T-shirt and denim jeans you can find those almost anywhere.


Even just throwing on the essentials and using a few style hacks can instantly improve your look. In this blog, we’re gonna show you how to do just that. (If you’re not sure what the essentials for men are we have another blog detailing it.) 

These are our tips on how to instantly improve your look.

Accessories, Accessors & ACCESSORIES

Jewellery is a great accessory that can elevate your look however, many other affordable accessories can create a similar impression. For example, you can throw a chain on your T-shirts or wear a few rings or wear both. For a smarter look, you can add a belt to your trousers. Lastly, a good watch can upgrade your accessory game.

To sum up, great accessories will instantly improve your look regardless of what brand of clothes you are wearing.

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Roll up your sleeves

Of course, this isn’t something you should do always but if done selectively has its advantages. Too many times you may have felt that your shirts don’t fit you properly or that your sleeves are too loose. Well, you can hide the excess fabric that you don’t want to be seen by rolling your sleeves up. Use this hack to instantly improve your look & make your clothes look like it fits you perfectly. After all, that is how they should look.

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Tuck your shirt

Tucking your shirt in can bring about a smart look to your outfit. Even when going for a normal outing tucking your shirt in will be sure to turn heads and keep you standing out. 

Additionally, tucking your shirt in can hide any additional hanging fabric if the shirt is too long or the size is incorrect, instantly improving your look.

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Dress socks

Most of us know shoes can make or break a look but don’t forget about your socks as these little guys are important too. If you’re someone who doesn’t wear socks with shoes please stay away from that completely as nobody wants to see your ankles (especially in shoes.) Furthermore, you may be perplexed by how much good-looking socks can do for your look. 


Socks are essentially a transition from your legs to your feet. Your socks can be the same colour as your outfit and look decent but what we recommend doing is going for contrast or something funky to make them pop out. Have you seen socks with bright funky fruits or brand logos on them? Well, they can be paired with shorts, jeans and other trousers too.

Show off your clean & cool socks to the world and show a little more leg. These little guys can instantly improve your look too.

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Kick game

As we mentioned previously your kicks (shoes) can make or break your outfit making them essential to your outfits regardless of the occasion (smart of formals.) 

And so knowing this we never compromise on our shoes. Leather shoes and trainers are essentials that work on almost all smart and casual outfits. Furthermore, boots are also great to have to switch things up. 

Other than leather boots and shoes, normal canvas shoes also look great on casual clothing. Moreover, you can also accessorise your shoes by adding contrasting laces and getting funky-looking soles such as gold & silver soles.

Additionally, matching the colour of your shoes with your bottoms or outfit will also instantly improve your look. This will make your look more coordinated, balanced and thought out creating an impression wherever you go.

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Shave for a clean look

Beards require a lot of work to take care of and maintain, more often than not beards look messy. Using a heavy razor or good trimmer will get rid of the messy hair and present you with a clean aesthetic and instantly improve your look. However, if you’re someone looking to maintain your beard, consult your barber on what style would suit you best. If you’re going for a fade or a full beard ensure you keep it properly trimmed and clean.

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Set your hair

Going to the parlour every time you want to set your hair is not a solution or economical. We suggest going for an inexpensive option which is to look online for hair tips. Moreover, there are unlimited videos on youtube to see how to do it if you’re a visual learner. This will quickly inspire you and perhaps give you an idea of how you want to set your hair. Ensure the style you like suits your hair as different looks will suit different textures of hair. 

Furthermore, it is vital to take care of your hair as this will increase the volume and quality of your hair instantly improving your look. We recommend avoiding all those tempting treatments you see at the parlour as most of them are harmful and have safer substitutes.

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Good skin-care routine 

We know what you’re thinking ‘I don’t need a routine, I look perfect naturally.’ And honestly, we think this is one of the most ignored tips for men. We’re not saying you have to spend an hour with five different products to maintain your skin. Instead, even a high-quality moisturiser can enhance and brighten your dry regions making your skin look healthier and instantly improving your look

You must use products that suit your skin which may take a little trial and error. Finally, your clear healthy skin will show wherever you go and not to mention you’ll look sexy in pictures.

We hope these 8 tips aid you to improve your looks, please let us know on social how these tips helped you. After instantly improving your look go to branded10 the find the best clothes in the game to further enhance your style.



Q: How can I improve my looks?

A: 1) Accessorise yourself

2) Roll up your sleeves

3) Tuck your shirt in 

4) Get nice-looking socks

5) Improve your shoe game

6) Shave your beard or keep it clean and maintained

7) Set your hair

8) Maintain a skin-care routine 


Q: How can I change my look more attractive?

A: These are a few proven methods that work…

  1. Sweat a little bit to release endorphins and lift your spirit
  2. Smile more
  3. Give more compliments
  4. Say encouraging things to yourself
  5. Laugh more
  6. Don’t sabotage yourself


Q: How can I enhance my looks naturally?

A: Exercise and taking walks are a must as they not only keep you fit & healthy but also enhance your skin. The natural glow is attained through workouts.

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