6 casuals shirt styles every man should own

6 casuals shirt styles every man should own

The way a man dresses can tell a lot about them. Nonetheless, that includes chilling with the boys or staying at home. Most men want to be comfortable and casual when doing activities at home or playing video games with their friends. Thus, these are 6 casual shirt styles every man should own. If you follow the casual shirt styles every man should own guide, you’ll never find yourself uncomfortable or overdressed to chill occasions.


History of Casual shirts:

Casual shirts have been around for a long time and can be traced back to ancient Egypt in their older forms. Then throughout the 17th to 19th century, the same shirts went on to become undergarments of choice for the Western upper class. As time continued into the 20th century casual shirts became very popular and were worn by almost everyone without any jackets or coats on top.

Everyone’s own sense of style and fashion is different due to their body shape, facial structure, etc. Nonetheless in this guide, we have 6 casual shirt styles every man should own. To ensure there is something that suits everyone and you gain further insight on how to be a well-dressed man.

Are you ready to explore casual shirt styles and upgrade your wardrobe while doing so? If you thought yes then look down to begin the level-up.

6 casuals shirt styles every man should own:

1. Cuban collar shirt:

Are you ready to have fun? Because that’s what this shirt provides, thin and lightweight you’ll be breezing through the wind with a smile on your face. The Cuban collar shirt is the ultimate summer shirt in terms of casual shirts. This style has a spread collar, which shows more shoulder and chest than the regular collar. Moreover, these shirts have eye-catching trendy patterns perfect for the beach or pier. Nevertheless, they also come in solid colours as well and are a great casual shirt style every man should own. This is great when expressing your chill, laid-back mood in a more casual manner. 

Because of the chill casual nature, we suggest not wearing these shirts too tight but instead a little loose, to produce a relaxed fit effect giving room for your torso and chest to breathe for full movement freedom. 

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2. Linen shirts:

Check out these ‘don’ shirts if you want to look great. If you’re trying to look smart during summer this is your shirt. Furthermore, summer almost always comes with sweat, especially with heavier cotton shirts. That’s where linen steps in to save the day. It is breathable, quick-drying and absorbs moisture away from your skin. Because of this, we believe it is a casual shirt style every man should own

A linen shirt should be anywhere from a slim and relaxed fit keeping the seams on your shoulders.

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3. Polo shirt:

Have you ever felt like a collared shirt is too smart for the occasion? But at the same time, you don’t want to go in a casual shirt either? Well, that is where the polo shirt comes in. These shirts come in long and short-sleeved versions. This lightweight shirt can dress up casual outfits and lower-smart ones. Polo shirts are a clothing staple and are a casual shirt style every man should own.

Your polo shirt should be a slim fit without being too tight. Seams should sit on the end of your shoulders. 

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4. Heavyweight flannel shirt:

Winter is coming! But we have the perfect shirt for the occasion. A heavyweight flannel shirt is thick and a great insulator when the climate gets colder. It is also very effective when layered with other winterwear. The shirt is crafted with brushed cotton which enables keeps the heat trapped inside keeping you warm. These types of shirts hold dye well allowing them to come in various vibrant colours and patterns, thus also drawing people’s attention to your attire. Additionally making them a great casual shirt style every man should own.

A good utilisation of this shirt occurs when your flannel shirt is loose enough to layer over a T-shirt, even a sweatshirt. The fabric should be heavy but not restricting either when layering a jacket or coat on top. 

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5. Classic oxford shirt:

If there’s only one shirt to buy on this list, it would be this one due to its utility and versatility. This button-down shirt can be used to dress down and up depending on the occasion. Simple, timeless and goes with almost everything. It’s the dad of casual shirts and it is a casual shirt style every man should own.

A classic cut will provide the most versatility, basically nothing too loose or tight, furthermore, keep the colours simple. Pale blue, pastel pink and white is the best colours to go with because they’re a blank canvas making it easier to create your outfit.

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6. Chambray shirt:

The chambray shirt is the lightweight cousin to denim shirts. It keeps the same textures and appeal without the heavyweight heating effect. This shirt is great in warm climates and provides a great look with its textures too. It also works well when the weather gets colder because of its ability to be layered beneath coats and jackets.

If your chambray shirt rests well on the shoulder and waist it is a good size. Furthermore, you also choose a size that enables you to wear a layer underneath. 

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This was 6 casual shirt styles every man should own we hope you have gained further insight into what kind of casual shirts you like and how to utilise each of them. We guarantee understanding the world of fashion will enable you to become more stylish and dress up and down the right way for the right occasion. 

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Q: How many shirts should the average man own?

A: Over 20 shirts consistening of a mix of polos, T-shirts and shirts.


Q: What shirts should a man have?

A: 1) Cuben collar shirt

     2) Linen shirt

     3) Polo shirt

     4) Heavyweight flannel shirt

     5) Classic oxford shirt

     6) Chambray shirt


Q: How many types of shirts are there for men?

A: There are over 20+ types of shirts for men available.





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